Advent Calendar Blog 2022 – Having Coherence with the Universe

There are a few people in my life with whom I have synchronicity. I will think of them, and seconds later a text from them will arrive, or I will send a friend a clip from YouTube and she will tell me that she had been focused on that very topic. Yesterday, I reached out to a friend with whom I had just recently had a lovely dinner because I felt a deep emotion of missing her and she wrote back to say she couldn’t talk right now, and that she had a bad weekend. It was one more reminder that this friend was going to be in my life a little longer, since we had some connection.

We have all experienced these amazing moments of synchronicity and usually, we are amazed by the coincidence as we realise that there is a powerful force at work in our life, attracting people and events into our reality. You have often heard me say that the Universe will guide us wherever we focus our energy and intention. When we surrender to that force, we are bewitched by how quickly and easily thoughts turn to reality.

There is a lot of talk these days about manifesting. Well, at least I am noticing that it comes up a lot more, but that could just be because it’s a prevailing focus for me at this time. It’s not that I have anything specific that I want to attract in my life, but more that I am reading and thinking a lot about our place in the Universe and what is happening around me. Because these are my thoughts, evidence of the power of the Universe is manifesting around me. I also know that, to some degree, a lot of what I am seeing in my feeds is attributable to the power of Google! Gotta love those algorithms !

Think about how different your life would be if instead of checking your social media as you woke up or turning on the news in the morning while you over-caffeinated yourself for the day, you began the day with a meditative moment, or a set of positive affirmations. Would it make a difference! Does it really work?

Does tuning in to the love of the Universe affect our mood, enough to lower our stress levels? At the very least, it will increase your positive energy which in turn will likely predispose you to engage more lovingly with the people in your life and you may find your surrounding more pleasant. Establishing a conscious connection with loving energy interrupts the negative energy current that might be flowing towards you and thus, breaks up the patterns of fear, judgement and anxiety that would otherwise dominate your day.

“When we give time to a quieting experience we have a different life because we have a different nervous system.”

– Marianne Williamson

So synchronicity might just be another example of a Universal force responding to our thoughts and turning them to things, which means the energy, emotions and intentions behind these thoughts can influence our reality. Which means, we have greater control over the events of our lives than we imagined.

A scientific argument for increasing your connection to the Universe

Through science, we know that the cosmos consists of galaxies, stars, planets, space, and all other forms of matter and energy and this is called the Universe. As all matter is energy, it means that the Universe is simply an abundance of energy.

According to quantum physics, the entire Universe is made up of different types of quantized fields that are unified into a single quantum field. Therefore, the Universe, including the earth, is nothing but a quantum field. In a quantum field, reality can exist in infinite possible states. Thus, the Universe is a field of infinite possibilities.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is an international speaker, researcher and author who is passionate about quantum physics and the way we connect to the Universe. Like many, he believes that we can increase our coherence with the Universe, by aligning the frequency and vibrations of our body, mind, and heart with the frequency and vibrations of the Universe to create synchronicity.

Nevertheless, when you tap into the positive frequency of the Universe, you learn to let go of the trappings of our world, and trust the higher power that is guiding us. You chose to be guided by intuition rather than logic. You become aware of the great support within you, and around you.

The way to knowing your truth is to allow the voice of love to echo through every single thought you have. Even when you detour into fear, which you will do all day long, commit to the voice of love the moment you witness that you’ve chosen wrongly. No longer be tolerant of fearful mind wandering and make love your priority.

– Gabby Bernstein, Author

Six Easy Steps to Become Coherent with the Universal Energy

1. Live in the moment. Try to intentionally bring an open, accepting and discerning attention to everything you do. Find joy in simple pleasures and adopt a mindfulness mindset.

2. Ask for guidance. Trust and believe that the Universe will fully support what you want, and will guide you in the right direction.

3. Maintain a positive outlook. The universe responds to our thoughts and feelings and when we are vibrating in a positive place, our vibration is raised high enough to connect to the powerful energy of the universe.

4. Gratitude is everything. Think of gratitude as a cosmic savings account. Every “thank you” statement you make and feel in your heart is put into this account to build power into your manifestations.

5. Meditate. Quiet your mind, and let the Universe in. The messages you receive always come from a place of immense love and should make you feel joy.

6. Take care of your body. Get into a wholesome discipline because nourishment will affect your energy levels as will being rested and exercising.

Journal prompt for today: Name 24 things I am joyous about..

Intention for today’s meditation: I call on the energy of the Universe to guide my thoughts back to love. I surrender the false perceptions I have placed upon myself. I forgive these thoughts and I know that I am love. I am peace. I am compassion. I am the Universe.

Published by Sylvie Rancourt

I am an intuitive and experienced leader and come naturally to coaching. I have spent the last 20 years helping individuals get unstuck, to achieve their goals and objectives. I enjoy interacting with new people and helping them to disengage from the minutiae of situations to see the bigger picture. These conversations inevitably lead to inspiration and it is quite a feeling to finally know what you want to achieve and see the path to get you there. Many individuals I have helped just needed a plan to stop wasting their energies and have more focus, while others needed a bit more time and we customized sessions suited to their needs. In all cases, we achieved positive change in either their professional or personal lives.

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