Advent Calendar Blog 2022 – Self Discovery Through Journalling

I started “freewriting” about 20 years ago. My mother gave me the book The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron and it’s morning pages technique is probably what got me started in stream of consciousness journalling. Let me stop you right now, if hearing the word journal immediately brought you back to your youth when oneContinue reading “Advent Calendar Blog 2022 – Self Discovery Through Journalling”

Advent Calendar Blog 2022 – Increasing The Positive Energy Within You

Hello creativity!! It is so good to have you back! You have been away for the last year, at least I felt like you were not present in my life. I searched and tried to invite you back in, but there were too many things going on. It’s good to feel the creative juices flowingContinue reading “Advent Calendar Blog 2022 – Increasing The Positive Energy Within You”

Advent Calendar Blog 2022 – How did I get here?

How often do you take the time to sit with yourself and take stock of where you are in life, and assess if you are on track with your life goals? Im curious, because I am wired for planning and the need to measure myself against targets ( I admit that’s not necessarily healthy), soContinue reading “Advent Calendar Blog 2022 – How did I get here?”

Advent Calendar Blog 2022 – Busy or distracted?

It’s my favourite time of the day. I rise before the sun, and all is quiet in the house. I don’t even like to turn on lights, so lately I light up candles, and the Himalayan salt light to give the room a warm glow. I have just made myself a warm cup of waterContinue reading “Advent Calendar Blog 2022 – Busy or distracted?”

Advent Calendar Blog 2022 – When the Intention Is There…

If you are hearing a lot more conversation and posts about meditation in the last few years than you ever have, it’s because there are three times more adults in North America who have made it a practice, and according to, as much as 500 million people globally (about 6%) who are meditating onContinue reading “Advent Calendar Blog 2022 – When the Intention Is There…”

Advent Calendar Blog 2022 – We are what we repeatedly do

For a long time, I believed that the way to improving one’s self, was to set goals, carve out a plan and a realistic timeline to achieve them and then set the plan in motion. Like many, it was my belief that people began the process of changing by focusing on what they wanted toContinue reading “Advent Calendar Blog 2022 – We are what we repeatedly do”

Advent Calendar Blog 2022 – What You Get From Shifting Your Perspective

Looking at things differently, is a healthy exercise if we want to be empathetic, rational and more compassionate. However, shifting perspective is not merely about seeing things from the point of view of others. We can gain greater insights and gain deeper happiness. An up-side of gaining a new perspective is that it increases happinessContinue reading “Advent Calendar Blog 2022 – What You Get From Shifting Your Perspective”

Advent Calendar Blog -2022 – Leading the Changes in Your Life

We’ve often been given the metaphor of making our way down a road or path as a comparison to going though life. I agree that in many ways, there are similarities, for example the final destination is unknown, but we have a map, general knowledge of points of interests along the way, and we haveContinue reading “Advent Calendar Blog -2022 – Leading the Changes in Your Life”

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