I Love A Rainy Day

I love rainy, gloomy days. I find they offer such potential. You don’t need to add much to it, for the day to look brighter.

When you think about it, gloomy days set your expectations low. Not many people will get up and say “Yay! It’s raining..this is going to be a great day!” Anything you decide to do, to make the best of it, will surpass your initial expectation of when you first set eyes on it.

A sunny day sets your expectations much higher. When it’s sunny, you immediately think that it will be good. And your head gets filled with things you want to do to make the most of the sunny day. You don’t want to waste it! Your expectations for a spectacular outcome are instantly greater!

You make a list, or plans to go to the beach, or take a bike ride, or go on a picnic. Maybe you will stay home and get that garden blooming, or wash the windows, and maybe wash the car. And if there’s time, you can have a bbq or visit with so and so down the street…On it goes.

Rainy days don’t have the same excitement. The energy is different, it’s slower, and you may even want to go back to bed. As much as sunny days pull us out of bed, rainy days make us want to get back in the covers and snooze longer.

I am an early riser and can see the day emerging as the sun breaks. As much as I appreciate a sunny fall morning that feels fresh and warm on my face, I admit that my heart skips a beat when I see that its grey, wet and misty outside.

Rain lovers like me know what I am talking about. Here are some of my favourite things about rainy days:

8 of My Rainy Day Pleasures

  1. Curling up in a warm blanket, with a cup of tea or coffee
  2. A Dean Martin/Frank Sinatra playlist
  3. A good romance novel, or a hilarious Stephanie Plum book
  4. Cooking soup, stew, chili
  5. Long chats with my favourite people
  6. Lighting candles
  7. A card tournament (hand-and-foot if there’s enough of us)
  8. A Netflix marathon

Its all in how you approach the day. Rainy days give us licence for self-care. We don’t feel like we should be doing something productive, and we allow ourselves to indulge in a day spent in pj pants, doing things we have been putting off.

By the way, devoting time to self-care is absolutely being productive. Self-care is necessary for our physical, mental, and emotional health and while it won’t eliminate all of the stress and anxiety in our life , it does give us a much-needed break.

We also need some solitude occasionally. Science shows that alone-time can spark creativity, build mental strength, and increase empathy and productivity. Meditating, or day dreaming with a cup of tea allows you to reflect, process ideas and thoughts, solve problems, and get better acquainted with yourself. It’s hard to know what you want or need when you’re always listening to what others need and want.

Today, I’ll probably listen to a podcast or two. I’m currently tuning in to Smartless and also On Purpose with Jay Shetty. My favourite Spotify playlists are another go to, and I must plug Canada’s Broadcaster, the CBC as a favourite destination for listening and viewing. They have a great selection of podcasts, playlists and checkout CBC Gem for awesome documentaries and Canadian content.


Published by Sylvie Rancourt

I am an intuitive and experienced leader and come naturally to coaching. I have spent the last 20 years helping individuals get unstuck, to achieve their goals and objectives. I enjoy interacting with new people and helping them to disengage from the minutiae of situations to see the bigger picture. These conversations inevitably lead to inspiration and it is quite a feeling to finally know what you want to achieve and see the path to get you there. Many individuals I have helped just needed a plan to stop wasting their energies and have more focus, while others needed a bit more time and we customized sessions suited to their needs. In all cases, we achieved positive change in either their professional or personal lives.

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