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Don’t see what you need? Sessions can be customized according to the issue you are looking to address. Once we talk, we can agree to a timeline that suits your needs.


One on One sessions


When you hire a coach for one-on-one coaching sessions know that for that entire hour or so that coach is solely dedicated to your success. One-on-one coaching is a huge investment in yourself.

Express Coaching


When you hire a coach for one-on-one coaching sessions know that for that entire hour or so that coach is solely dedicated to your success. One-on-one coaching is a huge investment in yourself.

Group Discussions

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Fees will vary

Workshops are given in small group settings on a variety of themes and are good primers to get you refocused, or to recalibrate or reboot your life. The mix of interactive exercises are designed to help you identify some of the areas you might want to devote your focus to get you closer to the life you want. All workshops include a workbook.

Check the workshop section for upcoming events.

Soar Coaching takes a unique approach by offering specialized programs and self-improvement bundles.


$500, Includes 4 one hour sessions and two 30-minute follow up sessions

Has life just knocked you off your game? We all find ourselves having to transition at some stage in our life, whether it’s downsizing, moving, retiring, or coming out of a long-term relationship and understandably, you can easily be overwhelmed by the many options and opportunities offered. Add to it the pressure from people around you and you may end up stuck in the spin cycle.

These sessions help you get beyond feeling lost, and reacquaint yourself with the dreams you discarded or forgot. It’s time to let go of fears and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from trying new things, and discover what’s been waiting for you.

The final outcome is a plan suited to your pace and ability to implement, as well as follow up sessions to assess how it’s going and boost your confidence.

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$350, includes 3 one-hour sessions and two 30 minute follow ups.

Just like your closet needs some freshening up from time to time, its a good idea to take stock of your life and see what needs to be discarded and what few things can be added to give your life a little boost and a bounce in your step

Is an attitude make-over needed to give each day a fresh outlook leaving you feeling content with your life?

Three one hour sessions will explore some of the general areas that typically weigh you down and how to let go of the things that no longer serve you. This includes an attitude check to see whether a more positive outlook may be needed to get you to look forward to the day.

Completing the work is a plan to take action, as well as a couple of 30 minute follow up sessions to ensure you are moving towards greater fulfillment, and an enthusiastic outlook filled with positivity and gratitude.

Package includes a workbook to help you plan next steps.

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$250, Includes 2 one-hour sessions and two 30-minute follow up sessions.

Be in the driver’s seat of your journey by having a good understanding of your priorities, and long term goals. What inspires you, and how does it align with your aspirations?

Whether you are thinking of switching careers, getting on a fast track to success or making bold life changes, it’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses and areas you need to develop to be better positioned to seize opportunities when they are presented

A plan identifies the key steps and ressources you need to engage to get you there and includes follow up sessions to keep you on track.

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SOAR Coaching and Personal Insights

Essentials to get you moving towards a satisfying, purposeful life, in gratitude and in celebration.

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