My name is Sylvie Rancourt and I created Soar Coaching and Personal Insights as a community for like-minded individuals, who are always seeking to improve themselves, through personal discovery, emotional exploration and who seek to practice joy everyday.

Currently, my areas of interest are focused on helping women 55+ carve out a new place for themselves, in a world filled with possibilities. These women have dedicated the last 30 years raising families, being amazing employees, sisters, daughters, partners and now its time that they accomplish their own dreams. I find this extremely exciting!

« I believe that each one of us is equipped with intuition – the ability to understand something instinctively, but we need to learn how to connect to it and trust its guidance. «

« My natural ability to coach served me well in my 20+ years as a people leader in large organizations. I am told its my positive approach and style that attracts people to seek my guidance in realizing personal and career aspirations. »

I coached and led large work teams in my career, and I am satisfied with what I accomplished in those years. Now, for the second part of my life, I want to pair this life experience pairs with my knowledge and expertise to help others tap into their potential, and find a renewed passion for life.

« When you seek my help, you get an empathic listener, able to sift through the layers of noise and confusion that are not allowing you to tap into that intuition. »

  • A few things about me:
  • married for 33 years, happily balancing family, community and work life
  • progressed quickly through the ranks of leadership in an extremely rewarding career, making early retirement a possibility
  • was an active community volunteer for more than 20 years.
  • combined my passion for travel, adventure and new experiences to embark on a 4-month multi-country trip of a life-time, living out long-held dreams in wine countries from Italy to Spain and California.
  • Launched a blog to connect with others who shared mutual interests in the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.
  • More recently, launched Soar Coaching and Personal Insights, ticking the box of another life-long dream!
  • After struggling much of my life with weight issues, finally adopted a life-altering mindset that brought a healthier, pain-free and active life and will work with anyone who seeks to do the same.

The answer is already within you.

Whether it concerns career advancement, adding zest to a life that has become sluggish, or making a life-altering changes, a personal coach can help you be the person you are meant to be. Find your inspiration, firm up goals, identify the barriers preventing you from reaching these goals and aspirations and come out with a plan.

« As your coach, I help you to articulate what you want. This is the cornerstone to getting you moving. Once we have the vision, we create the plan – a step by step, easy to follow plan that takes you where you want to go, at your own pace. I will support you through each stage, providing tools and helping you find the resources needed to focus on your plan as we check-in to see how its going. »

My greatest joy and fulfilment is seeing another person realizing his/her full potential and be on the path to success and happiness.

If you are reading this, and are feeling stuck and frustrated by whatever is blocking your path then the first step to get you on your way again is to reach out and book a consultation over the telephone, or by virtual chat.

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SOAR Coaching and Personal Insights

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