SOARING with happiness …

Well hello again! How I have missed you! After an 18-month hiatus, I am very happy to have returned to my blog, with an expanded website and as you will soon discover, a whole new venture!

That is because as of today, I am very excited to introduce you to SOAR Coaching and Personal Insights, a coaching service that is available to anyone looking to make changes in their life in order to get the life they want.

I am imagining many of you nodding your head, as if to say “Of course!! it was only a question of time!” To all of you who suggested and encouraged me to pursue this dream, I thank you for nudging me in this direction and giving me the feedback I needed to make it a reality.

I will continue to deliver regular ad-free blogs you have come to know and enjoy, but I am adding a few things to the mix, like workshops, discussion groups, one-on-one sessions as well as weekly posts for the purpose of inspiring you to pursue your aspirations and lead a purpose full and happy life. Specifically, I will be focusing on the following areas which are my strongest areas of expertise, but will branch out from time to time on other topics as well.

  • Accelerating Career goals
  • Achieving a better Work/Life Balance
  • Becoming Unstuck and Refocused
  • Adding Spark to Re-energize a sluggish routine
  • Shifting with the Post-Retirement Dream

About Me

I am a big fan of seizing opportunities and it is my belief that ANYONE can achieve anything they set their mind to accomplish. After all, in the last three years, I have:

  • Retired from a fulfilling and truly rewarding career as a people leader
  • Embarked on a 4-month dream trip through Italy, Tuscany, Spain, Panama, and California
  • Launched a blog to inspire others through my travels and love for life
  • Succeeded at turning my life around by winning my life-long battle with weight liberating me from pain and giving me back mobility, energy and spontaneity.
  • and now, I have launched SOAR Coaching and Personal Insights to help others achieve their dreams

Those of you who already have a relationship with me, know that I come to coaching naturally, and that I am inspired by seeing other people reach for dreams and achieve them! I have accumulated a broad range of experience in my 20+ years of leadership and I draw on this rich experience to help individuals articulate their vision and identify a path to make it a reality.

If you are interested in becoming a client, or just want to know more about what SOAR Coaching and Personal Insights offers, feel free to explore the website. If you are curious to know what led me to launch my coaching services, then please read on.

How did this happen

How does any change happen? How do you go from not knowing what you will do next, getting through a global pandemic and finding yourself hosting workshops on Learning to Shift?

Having completed so many of the dreams that had kept me focused for years, I sat in an empty apartment, waiting for the furniture to return from storage without a clear sense of how I would occupy my days after an amazing journey. I was stuck, almost dazed, as I realized new projects were needed to occupy the busy, goal-oriented creative person inside me.

Four Things I did to Get Unstuck

  1. Create quiet time to let ideas percolate.

It’s ok to allow yourself to “drift” for a short time. Its important to let ideas and possibilities percolate in the back of your mind. During this period of my reflexion, visions began to appear, some were vague but ideas were coming together and aspirations and desires started to become stronger.

Good things to do to help with this step are meditation, journaling, practicing gratitude, and listening to your surroundings and I did them all. Eventually, a few things stuck.

2. Appreciate that things happen for a reason

Some life events are meant to happen to you, and you have to experience it fully, to get to the lesson. Its best not to resist or fight it, but again, retreat to a quiet place in your mind, and seek the meaning of what is happening. Its also good to seek counsel sometimes from a trusted friend, spouse, or personal coach ( oh! I know someone… !)

Good things to do during this phase is to read, start a gratitude journal, meditate, exercise, and practice daily affirmations.

My year 2020 in hiatus coincided with the Covid-19 global pandemic and like most of you, I spent the year moving about in a fog, at times captivated by world politics other times retreating into a state of denial as we grieved the inability to get together, to frequent our favourite restaurants or take part in excursions.

A wise doctor once told me ” you don’t host a garden party and put things in motion for it when there’s a tornado whipping around. You seek shelter until the storm passes” and that is what I did. We were – and still are- in a period of uncertainty and my intuition and inspiration went on hiatus during this time.

3. Be aware of your inner voice

We are all born with intuition. Its the inner voice we often call our “gut feeling” that speaks to us. We regret not listening to it, and we are grateful when we follow our instincts. The quiet time provides an opportunity to connect with your inner voice. Don’t silence it. I believe we can do more with intuition, and that the more we work with it, the stronger the signal becomes.

Good things to do to develop our intuition and hear our inner voice include escaping from your daily routine, paying attention to your energy levels, being aware of what your senses are picking up, testing it by going with your first idea,

With the start of a new year, a deep-rooted dream began to surface stronger into my consciousness until the vibrations and intensity emanating from my intuition became stronger and stronger and I could not ignore the message any longer.

Back when I set up this website in August 2018, my intuition told me that there was a bigger story here. The idea of being successful with it was intimidating and I was not ready for it, despite many people’s suggestions. I knew with every blog I posted that more would come but I was not ready to embrace it. I may have been held back by the fear of success, or a limiting belief or it may have been divine timing. Everything happens for a reason, at a time when its meant to happen.

4. Timing has to be right.

Have you noticed when something is right, everything falls into place easily? Its like the pieces all click-click-click, easily, effortlessly, and rapidly. The same goes for things we are willing to happen, but the timing or some of the parts aren’t right. We meet nothing but barriers and obstacles as we struggle to make it happen. I call that Divine Timing for a lack of a better explanation.

Good things to remember about timing, is to let go of our will, and trying to make things happen when it seems there are nothing but barriers. Look to adding more positivity in your life by helping others, shifting gears, practicing acceptance and not listening to ego.

Funny story. My objective was to launch this new venture August 1, 2021. Despite this plan, a series of unforeseen events appeared in my path, forcing my attention to be focused elsewhere and creating delay after delay. Once this started happening, I decided to put the plan on hold, and wait for a new launch date to become known to me.

I will spare you the details, but amidst all of what was happening, I had the opportunity to get out of my head, and spend time with a friend who was looking for company. That day led me to a chance encounter, followed by a series of uncanny coincidences and encounters that rapidly reinforced that the timing was now and bing-bang-boom! Here we are.

The journey to get here has been immensely gratifying. Can you feel my excitement? I am eager to know what you are on the cusp of undertaking. Remember, it is never too late.

I am here now, to help you make sense of your life and help you with your journey. A person cannot transform the life of another, in ways they could not have imagined, without walking the road of transformation themselves. I have done that, and I have been gifted with the ability to inspire and motivate, and inject renewed enthusiasm where its needed.

I am a natural planner, and can help you decipher your life map.

Published by Sylvie Rancourt

I am an intuitive and experienced leader and come naturally to coaching. I have spent the last 20 years helping individuals get unstuck, to achieve their goals and objectives. I enjoy interacting with new people and helping them to disengage from the minutiae of situations to see the bigger picture. These conversations inevitably lead to inspiration and it is quite a feeling to finally know what you want to achieve and see the path to get you there. Many individuals I have helped just needed a plan to stop wasting their energies and have more focus, while others needed a bit more time and we customized sessions suited to their needs. In all cases, we achieved positive change in either their professional or personal lives.

8 thoughts on “SOARING with happiness …

  1. Félicitations Sylvie, pour ce nouveau blog et site internet. Ce n’est pas surprenant de te voir franchir ce beau rêve car c’est ta nature d’aider les autres. Bravo 👏

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