Upper State New York – Warming Up

I chose the Adirondacks, in northern New York as the site of my creative forays into blogging. I am a self starter, and somewhat of a self learner, so I figured that if I took myself away to a quiet place, removed from my everyday distractions I would be able to create my website and first few blog posts. My plan was to launch my much promised blog with enough content to entice you to visit again, and invite others to follow the journey.

Amid the misty peaks of Saranac Lake, in unfamiliar settings I began my exploration of WordPress – the platform that would host my blog, and the technology of the IPAD Pro that would be my instrument. With a level 1 comprehension of both, I had begun blogging!

If you know me well, you know I am a hype girl. What I mean by this is that I can easily and very quickly create hype, enthusiasm and energy around an idea. I get quite enthused by my own idea, and tell everyone about it, and get them excited by it too. THEN – I have to live up to it…..

You had to know I would end up blogging! I think of all of you, colleagues, who had to sit through countless side conversations during our meetings, or what you had intended to be a “hi – how are you this morning?” quick chat, and ending up so patiently humouring my musings, new ideas, or retelling a story from my earlier days. I owe you a quality blog and it is for you that I apply myself.

The main purpose of this blog is to keep you apprised of my travels in 2018/2019 as we journey through Italy, Spain, across the Atlantic, through Panama to end up in California visiting the coast, wine country and more by motorhome and then by cruise ship in the Caribbean, and settling on some yet to be confirmed island.

I will learn how to embed web links, and add pictures, and quotes. I have some great ideas for this website. I am just warming up.

Hence the Adirondacks. These mountains have seen it all, majestically sitting there, old and wise, weathered and still so beautiful. They are a contrast to the Rockies I got to know in Calgary a few years ago, with rounded, densely wooded peaks compared to the rugged, rocky and snowy summits of the Rockies.

At first, I was underwhelmed by my destination. Just like you may well be with my first few entires into this web journal. But the region grew on me, as I got to know it. I warmed up to its simplicity, and understated existence. These mountains were not, “Hey Look AT ME” or “IN YOUR FACE” mountains. Travelling through the High Peaks region, I began to look at Lake Placid differently, and appreciated the beauty of the unique Adirondack cabins, and regional architecture. I felt the conservatism of its people, yet, acceptance of outsiders.

The perfectionist in me used to postpone, and put off doing these great ideas, because of my fear of failing, or disappointing. Thankfully – and I say this with profound sincerity – thankfully, I got over what people thought of me and learned to JUST DO IT!

So, its easier now to live up to expectations, because I just take the plunge, and learn as I go. I forgive myself the imperfections, because I don’t take things too seriously.

Hopefully, this will be fun. The picture is the ski jump for the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. I can just imagine how the athlete felt, high above those watching, focused only on launching from the platform – reaching, in flight for a few seconds and landing safely back on the ground. The image is fitting as I kick off!


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